Netis Router Manager

Netis is mostly known for its networking devices. And it provides good services at a low cost. Netis has many wifi router devices which are running awesome but the problem is it has no easy full features android app. So we thought Let's built an app for the community. And we did this.


React Native


IT & Software

Built for

Mobile & Tablets



ITecHut has designed and developed this Android app with React Native. This make easy to control user routers, helps to efficiently saving time and give ultimate control with consistent processes and quality Standard.


  1. Realtime Speed

  2. LAN, WIFI Speed.

  3. Router CPU, Memory usage monitor.

  4. Block/Unblock devices from the app.

  5. SSID, Password change.

  6. Bandwith limit.

  7. Manage multiple Netis Router easily.

  8. Ease UI/UX.

  9. Guest network and more.

Netis Router Manager Home Screen
Netis Router Manager Tools Screen
Netis Router Manager About Screen
Netis Router Manager Devices Screen


  • Netis Router
  • Firebase
  • React Native
  • Expo
  • File System
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