New PHP 8 to change everything

What 's new in PHP 8

PHP 8.0 is a major version update and a remarkable milestone in PHP, as it brings several new features to type system, syntax, error handling, strings, object-oriented programming, and more.

It is the efforts of hundreds of people coming together to shape the future of a programming language that powers a significant portion of the Internet web sites and applications.

PHP tries to be conservative with changes that can break a majority of the applications, and yet, it brings several new major features to PHP 8.0.

Features such as Named Parameters, JIT, Attributes, and Constructor Properties bring major improvements and syntax changes, while several minor improvements such as resource to object migrations, improved error handling, and changes and improvements in operators and engine comparisons help seamlessly reduce the chances of overlooked bugs.

Thank you for all the contributors, of whom there are hundreds, for all your efforts, in PHP core, documentation, libraries, testing tools, extensions, authors, package maintainers, PHP developers, and everyone else including you ❤.